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Magic is something you create

I believed that everything was made up of magic from a young age and that anything was possible. I spent a lot of time in my imagination. I wanted to become a scientist, author, and artist when I grew up. I loved fuchsia pink and all things sparkly. I was 5, and I knew what I liked and who I was.

I spent the first 15 years of my career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Today I get to create beautiful clothing and blog for a living. I can say dreams do come true.

As a child, I was inspired by Mary Poppins's character- she was logical yet magical. She helped me to understand that being practical and aware with an open mind for possibilities and opportunities is what enables each of us to welcome the magical moments into our lives.

The environment I grew up in as a first-generation British Indian was very different from the world in my imagination. I was told what box I needed to fit into, and that struggle and hard work were the reality.  All through high school, I felt like I didn't fit in, and I was bullied for not conforming. What amazes me is that even though the tough times, I never lost my sense of self (sure, it was buried deep at points) and the belief that I would lead a life that I had envisioned as a child.

Although I loved art and design like many people of my generation especially in South Asian culture, I was encouraged to follow a 'reputable career' for me that was in science. Too often, we are dialed in so intently to a particular path that we ignore what is going uniquely for us. Not realizing that such an ability may be a struggle for so many others, we are unconscious of our gifts.  This was me, I ignored all the red flags and got sucked into the work-life routine. In 2008 I met my husband, got married and moved to Canada.  

On my first maternity I was forced to pause, reflect and take stock of my career. I realized there was still a massive pull to be creative and have deep, authentic connections. I dabbled in calligraphy and baking and even took 6 courses in interior design while looking after a newborn.  Once I returned to work I couldn’t keep up with the work and home life and quit.  6 years later while pregnant with my daughter I took a sewing lesson, this was the beginning of my fashion design journey.

When I stopped attempting to live the life I thought others wished for me — in my case, it was the expectation of being a good wife/mom, becoming highly successful in my career, being highly social and not spending so much time in my own company my life became a true joy to live. The burden was lifted. It magically dissolved. I now have a tribe of loving, compassionate strong women around me that empower me to be my best self.

Now that is not to say that life is stress-free and void of obstacles when we have successfully tossed aside the limitations. But rather, the obstacles I navigate are along the path that I am travelling out of a sincere passion for where I want to go and what I wish to achieve. 

Each of our tasks in our lifetime is to unearth the magic that resides within ourselves and figure out how to share it with the world. Unravelling and removing the layers of expectations, limitations, and conformation unconsciously takes time and conscious effort. 

Over the last ten years, I have been on a journey of exploration and healing, leading to a massive mindset shift. My healing and my art merged, and I was able to pour myself into my love of design and textiles. My first collection, Speak Your Truth, is a culmination of this journey.

We create our own magic in various ways, but one way that will not draw magic into our lives is living passively – waiting for it to just manifest.  Here are some tips that helped me access my inner magic that led me back to being my most authentic self!

🌟Awareness - Take a moment, and become conscious of your world: what you do, what you are doing that comes easy, what you are doing when life feels as though it is in the "flow" stage? Becoming aware of your self-talk and habits is a game-changer. What lights your fire? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What are you deeply, genuinely passionate and enthusiastic about? 

🌟Vunerability (with boundaries)- Leads to building authentic connections. This does not mean oversharing. This means having deep, sometimes what might feel like scary conversations with those close to you to create meaningful relationships.  

🌟Belief - Everything that unfolds in your reality is based on your belief. Be open to all options that are available to you. Believe anything is possible, and you will make intuitive choices at every turn. Practising this will open up your heart and mind to the magic of these limitless options.

🌟Inspired action-When you desire to activate your own inner magic; you must take inspired action. For instance, if you want to change careers, you must venture out of your comfort zone to try new things. If you want to manifest abundance, you have to take action and open up the channels to receive prosperity. Taking action could be as simple as taking a class at the local college. You never know who or what the Universe is lining up to surprise you with!

You have amazing power within you. In fact, you're in constant contact with The Universe. This cosmic force is always delivering messages, signs, wisdom and whispers to you through your feelings and your emotions. But are you listening? Are you able to tune in and allow your intuition to point the way to the most inspired path of action to take? Get busy creating your inspirational vision for the future, and you'll be building the foundation for determining where you're going. Enthusiasm will guide you to live your truth, create your magic and conquer your fears.

It will take a shift in perspective to view the magic regularly if you haven't been doing so, but it is possible. Either surround yourself with others who see the magic or separate yourself from those who don't and spend time on your own.

In my own company, I delight and dance regularly. So much so that my kids are used to sudden outbursts of giddiness. It's a playful way to live, and others may not be comfortable with it, but your life, your daily life, will be elevated when you begin to see and celebrate the magic.

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