Our Process

During the design process, I listened to parents on what they wanted to see in the market for childrens clothing.
  • Sustainable fashion


    Our fabrics are locally sourced and made in Vancouver, BC. Our pre-order system allows us to prevent overproduction by anticipating demand levels in a movement towards more sustainable fashion.

  • Handmade dresses and garments that are made to last

    High Quality

    Handmade garments made to last, utilizing high-quality dyes that are fade-resistant and fabrics that are luxurious.

  • Ethically produced fashion.  Digitally printed and family run operations.

    Ethically Produced

    Efficient, eco-friendly digital printing to reduce fabric waste. Our manufacturers are small, family-run operations using healthy industrial practices.

  • Girls party dresses and super soft and comfortable fabrics


    Thoughtful and innovative tailoring techniques make the garment easy to wear and comfortable using luxurious fabrics. Super soft and smooth to the touch featuring a playful design and empowering messaging.

  • Versatile clothing. Dresses worn in multiple ways at different events and during imaginative/dress-up play.

    Versatile Clothing

    Wear the garments in multiple ways at different events & during imaginative/dress-up play. The chic modern silhouette allows you to dress it up or dress it down with other items from your closet.

  • Clothing that is Fun to wear. Embellished with Latkans (fancy tassel) and Pockets to keep magical treasures


    It's all in the little details. Latkans (a fancy tassel hung at the waist) lets children explore sensory play. Pockets that allow them to carry their magical treasures.