About the brand

Nisha Parekh Fashion Design is a Vancouver-based company that Nisha Parekh founded as a tribute to all children, their imagination and the sense that everything is possible. We are here to bridge the gap between South Asian and Western children’s wear. We create signature styles that all kids feel empowered in with luxurious fabric, unique features and relatable artwork.

We create clothes that parents want to dress their kids in and that kids love to wear. Each piece is made with love and an intention to empower and encourage kids of all ethnicities to have fun and enjoy the experience of dressing up. This collection is versatile and can be styled in many ways, worn to parties, weddings and for imaginative dress-up play. Modern constructs and tailoring are featured with comfort at the forefront of the design process.

Our designs are multi-wear and multifunctional. They can have fun and go wild with their imagination to play dress up. The best part is that while having fun dressing up, they can have clothes that match their personality, mood and creativity.

Our mission is to provide unique South Asian-inspired fusion party wear to the next generation of change-makers through chic, feminine silhouettes.

About the CEO/Founder

Hello, my name is Nisha!

I'm a proud South Asian Gujarati raised in the UK. I was drawn to the beautiful artwork on my mother's Sari and British fashion and pop culture growing up. Even though I was very creative, I was encouraged to follow science as a career as it was financially stable and respectable. Despite my liberal upbringing, there was still a stigma in society regarding creative aspirations. I graduated and worked in the local hospital and completed a master's degree. In 2008 I got married and moved to Canada.

NPFD was born from the frustration of not being able to find diverse, inclusive, fun party wear that blends eastern and western aesthetics for my daughter Anjali. On maternity, I decided to follow my love for Fashion Design and textiles and studied with the lovely Sheila Wong for three years, learning to sew and pattern draft my designs. Although it was a steep learning curve, I fell in love with the process and never looked back. Nisha Parekh Fashion Design was born in 2021.

We produce all our styles in strictly limited quantities offering a fresh fashion collection without overproducing and contributing to waste. Plus, our limited quantities ensure you won't bump into the same outfit on the street. Win, win!

My commitment is to design tailor-made, high-quality inclusive South- Asian fusion wear garments that are multifunctional and fun. My vision is to create a community where kids worldwide can thrive, be empowered and nurtured in all creative pursuits. I hope that all kids feel represented and connected through the power of fashion. Seeing children enjoying themselves and feeling confident in my clothing will fill me with joy.

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