Founder and creative designer Nisha Parekh

Slow Fashion

Made in Small batches with love

We are truly making a conscious effort to run our business ethically and sustainably. We are trying to bridge the gap between fast fashion and sustainability.

Every product is proudly cut and sewn in Vancouver, BC, by a local Manufacturer- a local family-owned company. By choosing local, we can support the local economy and work with partners who ensure skilled workers are paid a living wage and are provided with safe working conditions. All fabric is sourced from locally owned businesses in Vancouver.

We consciously manufacture our products in small batches. This allows us to produce only what is needed. Our products may sell out, but we can best gauge demand and restock as necessary.

Please be patient with us :)

All of our product labels are made in Canada by Laven labels. Another way we are pursuing sustainability is by saving our offcut fabric that will be utilized to create accessories and other garments.