our first photoshoot Nisha Parekh

Our first ever fashion photoshoot!


Exciting news...If all goes to plan, we should be launching our collection on pre-order at the end of the month!!!

We have been very busy behind the scenes at NPFD headquarters. We have finally confirmed all fabric choices and have placed orders.

As well as working with the studio to get my designs, print, colours and fabrics to the highest standard, I have been working on fine-tuning sizing and fit. 

The first collection will have four sizes 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, and 7/8. I will hopefully expand the size range depending on demand and feedback for my subsequent collections. 

I was also busy prepping for my first-ever photoshoot. To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. I had a tight deadline (fashion photoshoots usually take months of preparation). The learning curve was steep, but with lots of faith, long days, friends and a fantastic photographer, we got it done within a month from start to finish.

The fun part was designing the backdrop (more on that in another post) and the styling and hair and makeup for each shot. A lot of the process is creative, so that was really cool; however, I had to learn fast on the technical side. Everything had to be super organized. This is, luckily, something I'm good at. We were working with kids, so there was a short time frame to work with. Each shot was planned out ahead of time, and a call schedule was given to everyone involved. This process alone took almost 2 weeks. A photograph in the fashion industry is unique because it combines both documentary and artistic work.

I admire all those who do photoshoots for a living and those that make movies (especially those involving kids). I was front and centre of the process for only a day; it was super fun but very demanding. Being a start-up, I didn't have the luxury of hiring the entire team needed, so I had to wear many hats on the day. I was very fortunate to be able to draft in friends to help me coordinate the shoot help set up, steam clothes and keep me sane!!

The shoot was in a beautiful heritage building downtown with fantastic lighting. The previous day when I went to plan out the backdrop, I was also able to catch a little BTS on the production of a show filmed in the same space, which was fun. 

When I got to the studio the day of the photoshoot, I gave myself a pep talk. I was going to have fun whatever happened. I had dreamed of doing it for so long. It was a pinch-me moment, and it felt surreal at points.  The day whizzed by and we wrapped up by 5. It was validating to get positive feedback from friends and parents and see how much joy the clothing brought to the models.  

I am so excited for you to see the collection!! Look out for sneak peeks, behind the scenes of the photoshoot on my Instagram page and Facebook page. 

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